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Ascendo Photos - Release Notes
Photos home page
Version 3.2
  • Added option to store images on SD card to save handset memory.
  • Implemented feature to select and play audio files while displaying slide show on BlackBerry. 
  • Added volume control when playing audio files during slide shows.
  • Enhanced navigation by allowing user to open gallery and view image by clicking on track ball/wheel instead of using screen menu. 
  • Implemented Move Image feature to change position of image in gallery using track ball/wheel instead of selecting up/down from screen menu.
  • Improved performance when displaying and navigating images in thumbnail view.
  • Corrected issue with private image manager so that images in private directories will not be displayed during slide shows. 
  • About screen now displays registration key for paying customers and More button to open BlackBerry directory and go to Photos web page.
Version 3.1
  • Added ability to set background colors for images. Useful for eliminating white space when images are smaller than screen.
  • Added "Change Gallery" menu option to move an image from one Gallery to another.
  • Corrected implementation of Private Image feature so that if user checks off the Private box, the images will not be displayed during slide shows.
  • Decreased minimum Delay between Slide Show images to 2 seconds.
  • Added field headers to image List View.
  • Improved automatic image resize so that user can specify Best Fit, Fit to Screen or Actual size before image is displayed in emulator.
  • Changed default setting for rotation step to 90.
  • Fixed track wheel/ball scroll through full screen images.
  • Added "Send Several Pictures to Device" (batch load) feature to File menu.
  • Corrected Rotate Clock-Wise and Counter-Clock-Wise icon arrows.
  • Several improvements to menu option names and screen labels.
  • Added key stoke alternatives to track ball when moving between image in full screen view. Click on SPACE, N or B to display next image, P or O for previous image, and ENTER to quit full screen view.
  • Transferring photo to BlackBerry sets backlight timeout to 20 seconds so that screen doesn't power down before transfer is complete.
Photos home page


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