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Ascendo Photos Reviews
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Review of Ascendo Photos by Ron Rosberg
Source: The Tech Guy Radio Show 
"A couple of people have asked me, How do I get Photos into my BlackBerry really easy? I found a program that I have been using for a couple years...called Ascendo Photos.

Ascendo Photos it is so easy, I just drag and drop a picture on my desktop and it will  downsize it to the proper size for my BlackBerry. It works so well, especially on an 8700 or an 8800. Just beautiful color, indoors and out.

The reviews are phenomenal... 5 stars.

If you are looking for an easy way to transfer photos to your BlackBerry, Ascendo Photos is a great product."

Click here for complete podcast, go to 1 hour, 3 minute mark.

Customer Reviews
The Best Yet
A reviewer from Alta Loma, CA 

"I have tried what photo applications that were out there for the BB and Ascendo blows them out of the water. By far the best program to date with the ease of the UI to the installation. Simply a breeze to work with. Kudos to the team at Ascendo."

Does everything and more.
A reviewer from Warren, Michigan 

"Does everything I was looking for in a photo manager for the Blackberry. Getting items on the device was simple and the images appear crisp. The ability to categorize images is a nice feature as well as marking some private."

The best photo BlackBerry Software I've found
A reviewer from North Hollywood, CA 

"This program does everything it promises. I couldn't be more pleased with the functionality."

Best Blackberry Portfolio Available
A reviewer from Mableton, Georgia 

"I've used V2 of Ascendo Photo since it's inception. It was "Best of Breed" then and has lead to several sales of my photographs. What impressed me, second to the programs function and performance, was the interest of the author to consider the input of professional photographers. Several of my "feature requests" are in V3 of Ascendo Photo! Thank you folks!! Hold off on V4 ... I'm having too much fun with V3."

Great way to share vacation photos
A reviewer from Indianapolis, IN 

"On past family vacations we used an ordinary 35mm camera to take pictures of our experiences and we shared them with friends and family using the paper photos you'd get from developing them. Now we're using a digital camera and not developing on paper. We wanted a way to share our photos when we got together with friends and family and the Ascendo Photos for BlackBerry was a perfect fit."

Easily 5 stars!
A reviewer from Nashville, TN 

"Another must-have application from Ascendo. How do you get photos to your device? E-mail them to yourself...? Upload them to a web server and view/save...? Why? With the Ascendo Photos desktop application that connects directly to your device, you simply load the image, resize to your device, hit a button... done! You can organize the photos into galleries, run a slide show (screen saver) and even e-mail an image directly from the Photos application. This is the third Ascendo product I own (DataVault and Money). I cannot recommend their products enough! But don't take my word for it... download the trials and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed." 

Great Product Great Support
A reviewer from New Jersey

"I purchased this product a year ago after trying several others, I travel quite a bit and I found the ability to be able to not only carry family photos with me everywhere, but other pictures I've taken of interest everywhere I go. Recently I had my Blackberry stolen and found it necessary to replace it, I contacted developer support asking would the software work with my new BB and would it be necessary to repurchase the software. The reply was quick, I was told I would not need to repurchase the software, I was instructed on how to re-download and install both the software and desktop and. This is a truly wonderful product that I find when I travel it's indispensable in keeping the family around with new and fun family photos, and your turn around time in helping me is truly fantastic, I've always spoken about your product, but the support is equally as superior."

Ascendo blows away the competition: highly recommended 
A reviewer from California

"I don't make it a point to enter reviews like this. But when I come across an exceptional product from exceptional developers with world-class customer service, it feels right for me to speak up. Whether it's their Photo program, their Money program, or new Health & Fitness programs, having Ascendo on your Blackberry is like having Windows on your PC; vital for enjoying its full use. Ascendo sets the pace and leaves the competition in the dust. Ascendo Photo is just another example. Demo the other products and you'll be amazed at how much more useful your Blackberry can be."

Awesome - Love It - Get It !!!
A reviewer from Smyrna, Delaware

"Professional photographer here - Awesome product. Easy installation. Organize your photos into multiple albums. Very simple to install and use. Any photo on your computer is easily sized to fit the screen perfectly. Can email from computer only at this time. Would love to see ability to email directly from the Blackberry when not connected to computer. Maybe in a future version. I highly recommend this product."

A great product
A reviewer from Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Very easy & straight forward to understand & use"

just download and play - great screensaver! 
A reviewer from Antwerp, Belgium

"Very handy picture tool! You pick any picture from any place on your PC or network, resize it to your Blackberry screen and send it to your phone in 1 go. Supports making multiple photogalleries. Includes a neat screensaver making your Blackberry launch a picture show after a set time."

Love It! 
A reviewer from Seattle

"Ascendo Photos is intuitive to use and has all the features that I was looking for (and more). Uploading the photos is really quick too. It took very little time to learn how to use it and then to actually upload my photos. The fact that I can also crop the photos is an extra perk that makes them more viewable on the small Blackberrry screen. It's so great to have my photos on my Blackberry."

Fabulous addition to the Blackberry suite
A reviewer from New York City

"I always like having photos of my family, friends etc. When I had a Palm Pilot, I was able to save pictures and do many applications that I never thought possible on the 7130e from Verizon. I found Ascendo Photos on Handango, and, initially had to try it. But, once I did, I had to own it. It works incredibly well. It''s smooth, interfaces well with the 7130e, it has a great looking design and is very easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone."

Ascendo Photo
A reviewer from Quakertown PA

"I am very pleased with the Ascendo Photo and I have shown it to many people and some people were so impressed with what it does they bought a blackberry phone, so they could get the Ascendo Photo..."

From a photographers point of view, "Picture Perfect" 
A reviewer from Mableton, Georgia

"As a photographer I find it very convenient to have my photographs available on my Blackberry and Ascendo Photos enhances that convenience significantly. Much to my delight, the combo of applications take nothing away from the photographs I''ve I spent time creating. In fact, the desktop module actually compliments the post processing in some cases. If there was one feature I''d like to see, it would be the ability to turn a photograph 90 degrees. But hey, given the improvements this product has already demonstrated, I''d bet the feature might just be around the corner. Nice job Ascendo! You''re setting the bar."

Look no Further !
A reviewer from Macomb, Michigan

"Excellent Product...The PC interface allows you to zoom and crop picture with great ease. No pre-formatting required. I was able to get a dozen photos uploaded in minutes."

Part 2 of my review
A reviewer from St. Louis, Missouri

"Wow, I thought version 1 was great but version 2, I''m almost speechless. So many great things to mention, I love the email part so I can adjust the pics with a little more room at the top because the cell company uses the top part for their advertisment. I resently got the 7100i and I was holding my breath for this program, well worth the wait. The fact that you can arrange the photos in their own folders, rearrange the order, and rename once they are in the phone is a great addition. The slideshow is a great feature for showing off the pics to friends. Thanks Ascendo!!!"

Great Tool for your Blackberry
A reviewer from Elmhurst, IL

"This program is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can put any picture from my computer onto my Blackberry without using email. It is very easy to use and you can even use it as a slide show on your phone. Great product!!"

Perfect for downloading your pictures on the BB
A reviewer from Toronto

"Very simple to setup and use, fast picture conversion and great picture quality when viewed on the BB. Great support!!"

Great Product
A reviewer from Lawrenceville, Georgia

"I recently purchased Ascendo Photos for Blackberry. Great program. Easy to use. And the best customer service I have dealt with in years. Thanks Ascendo. 5++++"


great support 

A reviewer from austin, tx
"support has been wonderful for all questions!"

It works very well! 

A reviewer from Rancho Cucamonga, California
"I have to admit. This is a very nifty tool to have for your "E-Wallet" easy to use. Easy to transfer - I was able to add 7 pictures in about 2 minutes. Fast and easy. Get this gadget!"

Perfect for having photos at your finger tips 

A reviewer from St. Louis, Missouri
"I have tried three other photo programs on my BB7520 and you have to e-mail photos and then they crop them and send them back to you sometimes days later, however this product you download the photos from your laptop to your phone via usb cable. I crop my own photos and they go straight to my photo album. I love it!! I would highly recommend this program. Your photos at your fingertips."

Just what I was looking for 

A reviewer from Hillsboro, Oregon
"I've been looking for this app for a while. It allows easy transfer and display of a mini-photo album on my blackberry with transfer over USB instead of some goofy OTA mechanism. I'd like to see a couple of little improvements like scrolling through the images instead of having to return to the list each time, but that's a minor issue."


A reviewer from BALA CYNWYD, PA
Photos home page


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