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Release Notes - Ascendo DataVault

Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Version 4.3.1
  • Implemented synchronization with DataVault desktops using Mobile Me.
  • Implemented synchronization with DataVault desktops using free WebDav servers; Box.net, Swissdisk.com, Gmx.net, MyDisk.se, MyDrive.ch
  • Added Backup & restore using application file sharing (iOS 3.2 or above). Allows user to make multiple, dated backups and move them to & from desktop using iTunes.
  • Added support for multi-tasking in iOS 4 allowing users to switch to another application, copy & paste DataVault contents, then switch back to DataVault without having to login.
  • Improved timeout to support iOS4 multi-tasking. Please Note: Exiting and restarting DataVault will only require logging in if the inactivity delay has been exceeded.
  • Implemented split-panel view on iPad. Displays list or tree of items on the left of screen and item details on the right.
  • Implemented settings to search field labels, field contents and memo field in addition to item name. User-defined for search performance optimization.
  • Added user-defined setting for case sensitive search.
  • Implemented security alert to send email with GPS location of device in case of failed login attempt.
  • Improved in-app browsing of online user guide to include standard browser features like pinch & expand page.
  • Added "Select Template" alert when user creates a new item.
  • Improved auto-lock security setting so user can quit DataVault and return before end of inactivity delay without have to login.
  • Added user setting to choose between Mac-like 2D folders or Windows-like 3D folders for tree display.
  • Fixed issue causing list/tree not to appear if user selects wrong synchronization service.
  • Corrected security timeout issue causing timeout to remain active after being disabled.
  • Improved display of long notes.
  • Added "DataVault" to synchronization service header to make it easier for user to select the right service.  
  • Enhanced navigation to include improved sync server selection, better keyboard management, iPad button placement and tree display.
  • Improved graphics including application icon and launch screen for iPhone 4, improvements to themes.
  • Addition improvements including increasing the size of help text, caps lock management, removing references to pasteboard, ability to Cancel sync from device.

Version 4.2.6
  • Universal Application. Purchase one copy of DataVault and run it on up to 5 authorized iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches at no additional cost.
  • Enhanced support for landscape mode on iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
  • Improved graphics for iPad; splash screen, application icon, theme backgrounds, etc.
  • Increased size of icons in selection matrix on iPad.
  • Improved item form layout on iPad.
  • Added iPad screen shots to Quick Start help screens.
  • Adapted layouts of Security Settings, Help & About screens for iPad. 
  • Improved support for synchronization with DataVault for Mac desktop including unicode characters (é, ñ, ü).
  • Implemented synchronization with DataVault for Mac desktop using application file import/export on iPad (iPhone OS 3.2 and above).
  • Added ability to select port number when synchronizing with DataVault for Window and DataVault for Mac desktops. 
  • Enhanced manual selection of IP address for synchronization with DataVault desktops.
  • Implemented mask/unmask for password selection, login and timeout screens.
  • Increased font size of password selection, login and timeout screens.
  • Removed Reset button from login screen.
  • Fixed password selection issue on first start-up.
  • Removed limitation on size of notes displayed in item form.

Version 4.2
  • Added user setting for maximum number of login attempts before wiping data (self-destruct).
  • Added copy-to-clipboard to password generator screen and fields on item form.
  • Implemented live links for email addresses stored in DataVault. Tap on address to start iPhone Mail and auto-fill “To:” field.
  • Implemented live links for URLs stored in DataVault. Tap on URL to start Safari and go to internet site.
  • Improved detection of telephone numbers so DataVault initiates phone calls when tapping.
  • Added password generator button to list & tree views in addition to item add & edit screens.
  • Implemented lock button to list & tree views to logout. 
  • Added support for synchronizing unicode character sets (é, ñ, ü) with DataVault Desktops.
  • Increased font size on item details & field edit screens.
  • Enhanced auto-lock so user can choose to require master password when quitting DataVault or switching to another application.
  • Enhanced search to display items with matching characters anywhere in the name (search on string).
  • Added “Save” prompt to item details screen in case user taps Back button without saving modifications.
  • Implemented ability to send item by email as plain text or password protected, encrypted format (DVX).
  • Implemented save state feature to return to last screen displayed before quitting DataVault.
  • Added links to user guide and frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages.
  • Improved Help screen by adding buttons to email support.
  • Fixed bug that led to data loss when changing master password.
  • Fixed bug that quit application when user tried to enter more than 10 fields.
  • Fixed Tree View so position of item is updated when category or type is changed without having to quit & restart application.
  • Numerous other enhancements including elimination of white space at bottom of item details screen, increased contrast of selection buttons, improved default theme background, improved buttons to expand/collapse tree and go to top of list, enhanced password generator strength meter, improved application launch icon, better Options ordering.

Version 4.1
  • Implemented Synchronization with DataVault for Windows desktops.
  • Added Expand All / Collapse All branches button to tree view.
  • Implemented search on string for items so list reduces to all items containing the characters entered by the user.
  • Added Auto-Lock feature so user can choose to stay logged in to DataVault for the duration of the security timeout while switching to another application or quitting DataVault.
  • Implemented Rearrange feature so users can change the position of the icons in the icon matrix.
  • Added Password Hint question and answer in case users forget master password.
  • Implemented 5 additional themes so user can customize background image, folder colors and text colors.
  • Added button to list view to move to the top of the list.
  • Enhanced tree view so that returning to tree view displays same formation as when user exits tree view.
  • Implemented live links for telephone numbers stored in DataVault. When can click on telephone number to initiate a phone call.
  • Improved template selection.
  • Enhanced password generator and added icon on tree view / list view to make it easier to access for uses outside of DataVault form entry.
  • Added Quick Start guide with helpful information for getting started with DataVault.
  • Implemented help option with links to online user guide and Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ pages.
  • Released free "lite" version limited to 10 items. The lite version does not synchronize with DataVault for Windows so users will need to re-enter data when switching to paid version.
  • Numerous improvements to screen text, graphics & forms layouts.
DataVault Home Page


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