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Password Manager for Mac

Best Password App for Mac and iPad

"This is the best password application I have used... I have tried many other password applications. Many have good, organized interfaces. The biggest problem is the inability to sync the data. This is where DataVault is head and shoulders above the rest... With one click I resolve conflicts and the apps are synced accurately. No other password application I have tried is this accurate and fast."
Mac App Store


"I input all the data onto my Mac and it was very easy! Syncing the data between my mac, iphone and ipad was flawless. I haven't come across anything about this app that I don't like... All in all, this is the best password protector app I have used so far."
Mac App Store

Excellent Password Manager

"I did my homework before choosing. Datavault came out on top for a few reasons. First, encryption seemed stronger than alternatives, that's what a password manager is all about, right? Second, is was the only product offering Mobile Me sync to the iPhone version... Third, they seem to have happy customers... I highly recommend this app."
Mac App Store

Great app across all platforms

"I have been using DataVault for over a year. I use it with my Macs, iPhone, iPad and Windows machines. I can sync my business and personal data across all my machines with Dropbox and have no issues... I have looked at some other alternatives, but have had outstanding support from Ascendo and would highly recommend this app as well as the iPhone, iPad and even Windows versions."
Mac App Store

DataVault Password Manager tech support

"After using the program for six months I have to say this is the best password software I've ever used. Not only passwords, but all my personal information is in here as well--even the combination to my safe..."
Mac App Store

Excellent app!

"I've been using Datavault for a very long time - first on my Blackberry and now on my iPhone. The desktop version syncs perfectly with my iPhone and is super stable. The latest enhancements make a great product only better. I highly recommend it!"
Mac App Store

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