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Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


Ascendo DataVault stores confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology available to secure private data.

DataVault is the first password manager to deliver comprehensive iCloud backup and synchronization in addition to Dropbox, Webdav & Wi-Fi options. The era of cumbersome backup utilities is over! In addition, DataVault provides an unmatched feature set including active fields, password generator, login assist, security timeout, login alerts, templates and synchronization with DataVault for Mac and DataVault for Windows (sold separately). One copy of DataVault can be run on 5 iOS devices combining great value with advanced security.

Powerful features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.


Protects confidential information so you have peace of mind.

Delivers value by giving you secure access to private data everywhere you go.

Simplifies your life by keeping you organized and safe from identity attack.

Simply the BEST!

"I have tried many different password keeper apps and Datavault is by far the best. The app is very easy to use, yet is extremely intuitive, and I would not trust any other app with all my personal information." iTunes App Store


  • AES Encryption to insure the highest level of security of any password keeper. See why Ascendo chose AES over other encryption methods such as Blowfish, Twofish, RC4 or Serpent.
  • iCloud Backup and Synchronization in addition to Dropbox, Webdav & Wifi. No other password safe gives you more options to secure your data.
  • Password generator with strength meter.
  • Support for iOS multitasking to facilitate web site logins.
  • Folder and List View to display items.
  • Full iPad support with split screen display.
  • Templates for bank accounts, credit cards & logins. Select from default templates or create your own.
  • Categories & Types to organize items.
  • Actionable fields to initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins.
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  • Security timeout to require login after inactivity delay.
  • Maximum login attempts.
  • Security alert for failed login attempts.
  • Field masking to shield data from prying eyes.
  • Master password hint.
  • Search settings to include fields, labels and notes.
  • Email items in encrypted format.
  • Icons, themes and lots of personalization settings.
  • Synchronization with DataVault for Mac or DataVault for Windows (sold separately).
  • Conflict resolution for simultaneous edits on multiple devices.
  • Import from SplashID, Ewallet, 1Password, mSecure, IE, Firefox, Roboform and other applications using DataVault desktops (free trials available).

Terrific Customer Support

"I've had the pleasure of using DataVault for over a year. Twice, I've had to email support. Both times the questions was answered within 24 hours and the issues resolved. Now that's what I expect from a dev!!" iTunes App Store

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Did you purchase another password manager for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and find that you are not satisfied? Ascendo offers Competitive Upgrades to make the switch. For more information please email info@ascendo-inc.com including the name of the product you are considering switching from.

Download codes are available for reviewers (certain restrictions apply). If you are interested in writing a review of DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, please email info@ascendo-inc.com and let us know where you plan to publish your review.

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