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Ascendo English-to-Spanish, Spanish-to-English Dictionary & Phrasebook for iPhone & iPod Touch


Ascendo Spanish-to-English, English-to-Spanish Dictionary & Phrase Book is a comprehensive and extensible product designed for the iPhone. It includes 625,501 entries with long definitions comprised of context, part of speech (nous, verb, etc) noun gender and multiple meanings for most keywords. Ascendo Dictionaries & Phrase Books incorporate compound forms, travel phrases, verb conjugation, vocabulary quizzes and more.

Ascendo Dictionaries allow you to extend keyword translations by associating notes, images and audio clips. For example, imagine you are on vacation and an acquaintance explains that “phone booth” is “cabina telefónica” in Spanish. You can add notes to the definition, ask the person to record the correct pronunciation and associate an image for better retention. Business relationships can benefit by capturing the context in which greetings, legal terms or negotiation phrases are used.

Ascendo language products are more than static word repositories. They grow as you learn!

Whether for business or leisure, Ascendo Language products are the perfect companions to get the most out of your travels.

Lookup words quickly and easily instead of fumbling through the pages of a paper dictionary.
Improve your knowledge of the language with study tools such as travel phrases, vocabulary quizzes and verb conjugation.
Extend translations with notes, pictures and audio to enhance the learning experience.
Ascendo Spanish English Dictionary
"Ascendo’s Dictionary not only gives you all the definitions you need to read a Spanish book or look-up words fast, but it allows you to associate notes, images, and audio clips to help you retain the information you have learned more effectively...

What I like about this app is that it’s very simple to get a handle on, and it does come with useful features that are helpful to travelers."

Source: iPhone Apps Finder
  • Comprehensive database including 625,501 entries.
  • Notes can be added for each keyword to extend meanings and capture learning context.
  • Audio clips can be recorded for dictionary keywords to assist with pronunciation.
  • Pictures can be associated with the keyword to improve retention.
  • Quick lookups. Each keystroke reduces the list to matching entries then scroll and tap on word to display translation definition.
  • Keyword translations include long definitions and multiple meanings for most words in the database.
  • Part of speech (noun, verb, etc.) is provided for keywords.
  • Noun translations include gender, for example "friend" can be "amigo" (masculine) or "amiga" (feminine).
  • Compound forms are provided for many keywords. For example, "phone book/guía telefónica", "phone booth/cabina telefónica" and "phone call/llamada telefónica" are included in addition to the keyword "phone/teléfono".
  • One hundred travel phrases in Spanish and English organized by category; Conversation, Food & Drink, Making Friends, Useful Expressions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Going Out, Flirting, Emergencies, Lodging & Accommodations.
  • Multiple choice quiz to practice vocabulary. Keeps score and displays percentage of questions correctly answered.
  • Conjugations in present tense for 100 commonly used verbs.
  • Choice of Spanish or English for user interface.
Ascendo Dictionary Suite

Ascendo Spanish-to-English, English-to-Spanish, Dictionary & Phrase Book for iPhone is part of the Ascendo Dictionary Suite including French, German and Italian dictionaries and phrase books.


iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 2.2.1 and above, with 14 Meg of free disk space.

Special Offers

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