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Sites of Interest for users of Ascendo Fitness

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Various Health & Nutrition Sites
Calories Counters - Fast Food Nutritional Guide.
My Food Count -  Free & Anonymous Health Monitoring.
MyFit Health & Fitness - Exercises, Fitness, Nutrition, Forums, Bodybuilding and Articles - All Free!
D.I.Y. Workout - "Do-It-Yourself" Workout Advanced Fitness Systems.
World Health Organization - A wealth of information about health and wellness around the world.
IDEA Health & Fitness Association - World's largest association of health and fitness professionals.
Nutrition Data - Fast Food Facts.
The Daily Plate - Calories, Carbs, Fats & Proteins for popular restaurant menu items.
Shape Up America - Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity.
Anne Collins Calorie Counter - See how many calories in pizza, hamburgers, popcorn, ice cream and all popular food, or reduce your energy intake for better mid-life weight control.
Calories Per Hour - Free Calorie Counter & Weight Loss Calculator.
The Calorie Control Council - Information on cutting calories and weight.
How Stuff Works - Information on how calories and caloric intake works and relates to weight gain.
Calorie Information - Caloric Content of popular foods.
National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute - Menu Planner - The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
Fitness Online - Fitness advice, calculators and articles.
DMOZ Open Directory Project - A manually edited directory of fitness related content.
About: Exercise - The Workout Center. Plan and Design your workout. Workout advice and information.
Fire Fighters' Workout - Workout like a fire fighter.
New York Times - Diet information and advice from the New York Times.
American Heart Association - Fitness, diet and nutrition advice from the American Heart Association.
MedLine Plus - Exercise and Fitness information from the National Institutes of Health.
WikiPedia - Entry on Exercise at Wikipedia, the open source encyclopedia.

Volumetrics - Have meals based on the Volumetrics Diet and catered to your personal tastes delivered to your home or office daily.

Restaurants that publish nutrition data.
Boston Markets
Panera Bread
Pizza Hut
P.F. Chang's







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