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Ascendo Fitness - Diet & Exercise Assistant for BlackBerry

Release Notes

Fitness home page
Version 3.6
  • Implemented clickable menus, list selection and finger-swipe help screen scrolling for BlackBerry Storm.
  • Added support for BlackBerry Storm screen tilting when viewing graphs.
  • Added monthly views to all graphs in addition to weekly views.
  • Implemented feature to delete multiple entries from Nutrition Items database.
  • Added exercises including "Pilates" and "Elliptical Trainer" to the Exercise Items database.
  • Implemented time zone adjustment for daily nutrition and exercise entries.
  • Enhanced menu selection to adjust for different devices.
  • Improved background image and application icon.
  • Improved Desktop Companion usability by adding arrow key navigation to nutrition item form.
  • Added Desktop Help menu selections for opening User Guide in PDF format and opening FAQ page in internet browser.
  • Eliminated "Timer Already Cancelled" message when user clicks repeatedly on BlackBerry keyboard while initializing databases.
  • Added Desktop Option to Display or Not Display help alerts.
  • Added Desktop Option to Show or Not Show Splash Screen and Background image.

Version 3.5
  • Numerous layout and navigation enhancements to Nutrition Type Form and Nutrition List Table on Desktop.
  • Improved New Nutrition Type feature so that nutrient values can be entered directly from a package label and Fitness will convert to 100 gram equivalents in order to maintain consistency with other nutrition items in USDA database.
  • Deleting Nutrition Type now deletes associated daily entries. This resolves the "Exception 1043>=1013" error message.
  • Improved application icon on BlackBerry and Desktop.

Version 3.4
  • Enhanced Copy Daily Entries feature to allow user to select entries from past and future dates and copy to any date. 
  • Improved Daily Net Calories screen labels. Added date to screen header.
  • Fixed issue provoking "Exception  -29<0" error message. Occurred when Daily Totals feature accessed daily entries for New Nutrition Types.
  • Desktop Help menu option now opens browser FAQ page with link to user guide. 

Version 3.3
  • Several improvement to form handling on Desktop including fewer confirmation alerts and screen refreshes.
  • Made Nutrition Description field editable on Fitness Desktop.
  • Simplified synchronization between BlackBerry and Desktop.

Version 3.2
  • Added 120 new exercises bringing the total to 337.
  • Simplified adding a New Exercise.
  • Added Previous/Next (day) menu options to Copy Daily Entries screen.
  • Implemented work-around for bug in the JVM of 8800/8100 series handsets so that user selections are made using drop-down lists instead of radio buttons.
  • Improved Daily Net Calories screen by adding date display and rounding to whole calories.
  • Added Previous/Next (day) menu options to Daily Net Calories screen.
  • Corrected add nutrition type on Fitness Desktop so that default values are set to blank or zero.
  • Improved progress bar when initializing databases on Fitness Desktop.
  • Improved edit nutrition type form on Fitness Desktop.
  • Added several sections and updates to user guide.

Version 3.1
  • Changed exercise duration field to increments of 1 minute instead of 15 minute intervals.
  • Added 1 decimal place to daily weight entries.
  • Corrected bugs in daily calorie intake and calories burned graphs.
  • Improved synchronization options.
  • Improved performance of synchronization process.
  • Implemented "More Information" option to About Screen on BlackBerry that opens browser and goes to
  • Improved Fitness Desktop nutrition type editing.
  • Corrected bug on Fitness Desktop that displayed a "Runtime Error: 9" message box.
  • Corrections and improvements to screen text, ie changed "BMI" to "Body Mass Index".
 Fitness home page


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