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Reviews of Ascendo Fitness - Diet & Fitness Manager for BlackBerry

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Ascendo Fitness Reviewed

"Thankfully the kind folks over at Ascendo have put together a nice little 150kb gem called Ascendo Fitness. Now youíre able to log your calorie intake, check nutrition information, log your daily exercise and loads more."

"Now while youíre entertaining the clientele, you can check nutritional information on the menu items by searching through a database that includes 95% of the most common foods and beverages."

"Every item in the database notes the amount of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins."

"We dig it. The program makes for a perfect addition to your BlackBerry, and always seeing it on the menu screen could be a constant reminder of what you are or are not doing in terms of your physical health. Ascendo Fitness as a whole is a great program, but determination and focus on the userís part are the only way it truly works."

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Review: Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerry

"A few weeks ago, I decided to lose some weight. I went with a diet that I know works: calorie control. For me that means trying to absorb no more than 1,200 calories per day and exercising on a regular basis. Suddenly changing your habits is hard. The first few days were tough on me: in a bad mood, hungry, and frustrated. This is when I began using Ascendo Fitness. This is when it got easier."

"Adding your food entries is very easy. Youíll be presented with a screen that allows you to browse a very extensive food database. If you find what youíre looking for, just pick it and add it to your meal entry. If you donít find what youíre looking for, you can easily add a new food item."

"With Ascendo Fitness, you not only control your eating habits but also your exercises. Exercises work the same way, enter the time your Tennis game starts and the duration and the software will compute the number of calories youíve eliminated."

"Another nice component of the software is the Desktop software for Windows. You will be able to directly manage your nutrition entries from your PC and synchronize with your BlackBerry."

"So, what was your New Yearís Resolution again? Armed with Ascendo Fitness, this year might just be the year you keep it."

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Customer Reviews

The convenience makes this tool worth the money.
A reviewer from Phoenix, AZ

"This tool makes a great little addition to your arsenal in fighting the battle of the bulge. There are more robust desktop versions available that do the same thing, but making it portable and expandable is what gives this tool the edge. Adding new prepackaged foods to the database is a little involved, because you must convert the amounts printed on the nutrition label to the equivalent of a 100g serving size. I created a little spreadsheet that converts the amounts for me. Other than that, the application is very professional looking. At anytime I can see how many calories I'm up to for the day. I'm very pleased."

A robust, versatile diet and fitness tracking program!
A reviewer from Vista, CA

"I recently migrated from Palm to Blackberry, and have missed some of the Palm programs I used daily, including my diet tracking program. I tried several Blackberry diet trackers, but found Ascendo Fitness to be the best choice because of its substantial database and ease of use. I also found Ascendo's customer support to be engaged and attentive to users' satisfaction. I recommend this product!"

All but effortless dietary tracking and control
A reviewer from Winnetka, Illinois

"This is a program perfectly suited for a Blackberry, allowing you to select and make contemporaneous food (and exercise) entries rather than trying to play "catch-up" on the desktop at the end of the day. By looking at the running totals, you can determine if you're short on proteins, carbs, fiber, etc., for the day and plan your remaining meals for the day accordingly. With over 7000 food entries in the accompanying desktop database, it's easy to add to the 1000+ entries already in the BB. And each entry has portions matched to the particular food item, e.g., ounces of meat, cups of rice, teaspoons of sugar, and all are adjustable within the program. There are several convenient features, such as "copy entries" for foods that you eat regularly, and the ability to email daily totals (in a spreadsheet-importable format) directly from your BB. Many people give up quickly on tedious written food diaries. This program makes it effortless, if not fun, to record and track the data over time. One undocumented "feature"--if you feel trapped at a long lunch or a boring dinner party, you just bring out your BB and make the entries, right then and there. My wife doesn't seem to think much of this, for some strange reason, but there are just some sacrifices you have to make to lose weight. I recommend the program without reservation to anyone serious about diet control."

A reviewer from Calgary, Alberta
"The Ascendo folks have really done a great job with this version. It's much more functional and user-friendly. There is an order of magnitude more nutritional data to choose from -- which can be synchronized with a desktop program for updating and editing. As always, Ascendo have been very responsive on the support side."
An excellent programme for those wishing to loose weight
A reviewer from London, England
"An excellent programme for those wishing to loose weight. You can track both consumed calories using the nutritional database and also track calories burned during most types of exercise using an exercise database. The best thing about both databases is that you can add additional items with their calorific values and personalise your input. The programme allows you to track weight and many other values such as calories consumed in graphic form. A value for money programme not to be missed."
Good BBerry Software, Great Customer Service
A reviewer from Charlotte, North Carolina
"This software is easy to sort thru and a great way to keep track of what you do. The detail around the exercise well surpasses what I have seen in other nutrition based software. I mean most have "weight lifting" but these guys have "leg curls, weighted" as an example, very nice. This was my first time downloading a 3rd party program to the Blackberry - and the support team did everything possible in a quick time to get me up and running! A+ for them."
A reviewer from Cleveland, Ohio
"The application I purchased from Handango was the Ascendo Fitness application. The application is easy to load on my Blackberry 7130e and it easy and fast to enter user settings and other text into the many features inside the application. I like the large list of foods and items it has information and details on in its index. I also like the feature that lets you add an item and its nutrition facts in yourself. If you are serious about getting in shape, staying healthy, and keeping track of a healthy diet I highly recommend this to you. Another thing that surprised me about the whole buying process I went through is; less than twenty-four hours after I purchased the application I received an email from Marc Bolh, a representative at Ascendo. Not only did he secure a purchasing future between me and the company he replied with multiple messages going further than most businesses require of their employees. If you choose Ascendo Fitness you won't be disappointed with the product or the customer service."
Ascendo Provides Great After Sales Service!
A reviewer from Pasadena, CA
"I was very impressed with Ascendo's after sales service. They stepped me through setting Ascendo Fitness up to meet my needs. We communicated over email and they were very responsiveness and patient with my lack of understanding of basic fitness issues. There was none of the usual batting an email backwards and forwards over a number of days, it was all worked out in a matter of about an hour after they were on my case."
Great, simple to use program
A reviewer from Orlando, Florida
"This is so easy to use and learn, it is a must have if you are tracking your daily intake and exercise."
Fitness is hot!
A reviewer from La Jolla, California
"Ascendo Fitness is as beautiful as it is useful. I love to be able to track my calories from eating and exercising on the spot. All my girlfriends are jealous."

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