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Reviews of Ascendo Money
Personal Finance Manager for BlackBerry

Ascendo Money for BlackBerry Bold

"Mobile finance has become a must-have feature on any smartphone that I use, and over the years I must have tried every single PDA and smartphone financial application on the market."

"This is without doubt the best mobile finance application I have used to date, and I will stick my neck out and say that it is the best application of any type I have used on a mobile device."
                      Shaun McGill - PDA247.com

"When I received a Blackberry Bold for review, I needed to test the third party market for finance software and Ascendo Money popped up. The feature list seemed to cover everything I needed and so I installed it to see if it could match the other platforms. I don’t want to give away the end of the review, but within 5 minutes I was positively surprised at the installation process, presentation and sheer power of this application."

"Following installation, I imported my QIF backup and the pressed the synchronise button- it was all too easy because within minutes I had all of my historic financial data on board and displaying perfectly on the Bold."

"Adding transactions to the Blackberry is speeded up because it remembers categories, expense types and other details from the description alone. When you start typing a description, it also attempts to pre-fill the text for you which helps for reoccurring entries that you input often i.e. ‘ATM’. You can populate categories with specific icons and the flexibility with regards to how the transaction screen is displayed is just about limitless."

"This is without doubt the best mobile finance applications I have used to date, and I will stick my neck out and say that it is the best application of any type I have used on a mobile device. When software is programmed this well, it offers the opportunity to actually save you money because you can forecast, organise and overview all of your personal and business finances."

"Simply brilliant!"

Quality: 9
Ease of use: 10
Stability: 9
Value for money: 10

Total score: 95%

Source: Pinstack

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PinStack Five Star Award  - Ascendo Money

"PinStack.com, the web's largest BlackBerry community, would like to announce the winners of our Five Star Award. Judged by members of PinStack's professional discussion forums, the PinStack Five Star Award is designed to recognize exceptional BlackBerry applications developed by outstanding companies. We are now able to honor these excellent accomplishments, which have made the lives of PinStack members more productive and fun!"

Source: Pinstack

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Ascendo Money vs Splash Money

"Before purchasing I gave Splash Money first shot. I had read a few reviews and Crackberry had announced "Splash Money" was finally available for the Blackberry. I had already run through all the "Free" money manager apps and found myself feeling like I knew why they were free.

I used it for about 5 days, and just did not like the feel. It was slow and just felt like it was somehow not designed to work with my Blackberry.

Ascendo Money. I figured I'd give Ascendo Money a shot, but I have to admit I was in a bad mindset at this point. I started to rethink my choice of going with a Blackberry, as my Pocket PC did what I wanted, and it was effortless to find well working apps for it.

Upon loading Ascendo Money, I immediately noticed the feel of it agreed with me. I set up a test to ensure everything would work as it should. (I did this with every app I tried to see how it will work real world for me.) Everything seemed to work as it should, including scheduled withdrawals and the PC Sync.

Now here's the clincher. CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ASCENDO MONEY IS TOP NOTCH! I had changed handsets and updated my OS at the same time. The next time I tried to sync with my PC I discovered I had lost the ability to sync Ascendo Money on my Berry to Ascendo Money on my PC (Which usually works extremely well Btw). After trying everything, I wrote to Ascendo Money's support explaining my situation. Later that day, they responded, not only recommending an upgrade, but also multiple methods of backing up my information as to insure nothing was lost. It worked great.

A couple days later I realized the date for some of my transactions were dating the next day. I checked everywhere thinking there was a setting I missed or somehow the software wasn't in sync with the date on my Blackberry. I couldn't find anything, so again I wrote to Ascendo Money's support. This time I knew I wouldn't be hearing from them for a few days at best since it was late on a Friday Night. (10:47pm is what my records show). To my surprise, 19 MINUTES LATER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT (11:06pm), a response hits my Berry! They addressed the issue with an updated release correcting the date issue! I was left speechless.

Something needs to be said for outstanding customer service. I feel Ascendo Money takes their support very seriously. That paired with a well written app is definitely a winner for me. I have no problem paying for something that does what it advertises. I wish I had chosen to give the pay apps a shot earlier. I have been using Ascendo Money for the better part of a year now, and I have to say I know it was the perfect choice for me. At the very least, give it a try, but be prepared to purchase once you load it on your Berry.

Source: CrackBerry.com

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RIMarkable - Review of Ascendo Money for BlackBerry

"Ascendo Money is a personal finance manager type application, think Quicken or Microsoft Money, designed to run both on your BlackBerry and your desktop. The Ascendo Money website describes the program as “the most comprehensive money manager for BlackBerry and PC desktops” and I believe that I would have to agree with their assessment."

"If you are one of those BlackBerry users who actually knows that there is a ledger at the back of your checkbook and you keep track of what you are spending, you simply need to take a look at Ascendo Money."

"You can set up unlimited accounts and can enter in any recurring automatic withdrawals so that you are sure that your accounts stay up to date. You can also import and export information to and from other desktop PFMs that support .QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) and .CSV files. You can create all kinds of categories to add your transactions to allowing you to create charts and graphs of your finances so that you can visually see where you money is going. Synchronizing Ascendo Money for BlackBerry to your desktop is easy. Plug your BlackBerry into your desktop via USB and tell Ascendo Money Desktop to Synchronize."

Source: RIMarkable

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Review of Ascendo Money Version 3 - Personal Finance Manager for BlackBerry

"I've had the pleasure of being able to beta test the new version of Ascendo Money for about a month now. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the updated version. I've had the Ascendo Money ver. 2 ever since my first Blackberry (8100) and so I've been using it for sometime now."

"New additions to the application are Budgets and Reports right from the application itself. Now you can set Budgets to all you categories, and then view your Reports on where all your money goes."

"I believe this update has filled out what was lacking in previous versions. Ascendo has built upon a solid product and improved it. It's a well rounded and full featured application. If you need a personal finance manager that handles expenses, budgets and financial planning, I would have to give this one a thumbs up."

Source: Pinstack

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Ascendo Money Version 3 Released

The application is really shaping up and now has a much nicer interface. I really like the import and export capabilities from Quicken and MS Money.

I would highly recommend trying out the free trial to get a feel of how the application works. The desktop portion of the application is actually quite good and really rounds out the application.

Source: BerryReview

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Ascendo Money ver 3.1: Recensione (Review in Italian)

"La gestione finanziaria è uno tra gli argomenti più delicati che si possono affrontare, riuscire a far "quadrare il bilancio" è quasi un'arte e rimanere nei propri limiti finanziari spesso sfugge al controllo.Ascendo Money si propone come un avanzato manager finanziaro, altamente personalizzabile, un concreto aiuto nella gestione finanziaria personale e non solo.Il software è composto da due distinte unità: una applicazione per BlackBerry e una per PC.Le due applicazioni sono perfettamente identiche e particolarmente utile la funzione di sincronizzazione tra le due piattaforme (anche l'icona è la stessa)."

"La versione oggetto di questa review è la nuova Ascendo Money 3.1, che oltre a fornire i migliori strumenti per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi finanziari, la possibilità tramite BlackBerry di inserire dati in movimento per poi sincronizzare con PC, permettere l'export dei dati in formato QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) o CSV(Comma Separated Values) compatibili con Intuit Quicken e Microsoft Money offre diverse nuove funzionalità. Vediamole insieme."

Source: BB World Info

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Customer Reviews 

Blackberry + Budget/Finance Program = Ascendo Money

by Matt Horvitz from Boston, Massachusetts

"I'm an extremely satisfied Ascendo Money customer. I needed a program to help track and manage my finances. I did all the research and, as a Blackberry user, there is no other program that compares. Very easy to use with a clear interface and syncing, and provides useful metrics and customizing options. Need to manage your money? Then buy this program."

The Best Available

by John LaTessa from Springfield, Illinois

"You won't find a better BlackBerry check register/financial manager than this. The feature set is unrivaled and it is also very simple to use at the same time. Excellent customer support too, they'll be there to help you if you run into trouble. All in all, Ascendo Money is $30 well spent.."

Ascendo Money is my most valuable application

by Nasiru U Muktar from Kaduna City, Nigeria

"Ascendo Money is my most used and most cherished application. I use it to keep track of my bank accounts and cash at hand. It is so easy and handy and rich in features I am completely satisfied with it. (At least I don't need to start searching the internet for another personal finance manager again as Ascendo meets my needs). The lock available on both the desktop and handheld versions gives me the required confidentiality. I really recommend the software for anyone with a blackberry and more than 1 or 2 accounts to monitor. Bravo! to the Ascendo team.


by Steven Hitchye from Kansas City, Mo

"This is a awesome product. I got it because it was more detail in the transactions but it does so much more. I am learning new things everyday. You can split transactions, create reports, set budget for each category, create charts based on your budget, the multiple accounts you can create, i.e., credit cards, savings, and checking (All on one screen), and how much you have spent in each category. This product turn out to be way more than I thought. I got my money's worth and then some. I HIGHLY recommend this product for its ease of use, convenience, and the many many many features it has."

Top Notch Personal Finance Manager

A reviewer from New York

"Ascendo ups the ante with the latest version of Ascendo Money. Like the recent update to DataVault, Ascendo improved all the areas that required updates and can now be viewed as the premier PFM on the market. Tremendous features and Marc and the company and super responsive to issues, etc. Highly recommend."

Exceptional product and world class customer support

A reviewer from Beverly Hills, California

"This is a fantastic alternative to the more time-intensive Money or Quicken programs for desktop. It utilizes the convenience of the Blackberry, offers impressive customer support, and will save you from the expenses of financial mismanagement. A recent addition to the new version is a complimentary program that can be used on a desktop to sync and download any further financial information. A good, easy to understand format that exponentially increases the value of this product. Nice customization features allow the user to change the appearance and utilize a series of fun and helpful icons. Ascendo is the clear winner in this software category with regards to functionality, features, support, and price. Excellent. Glad I bought. :)"

Ascendo helps me track finances

A reviewer from Miami, Florida

"I use Ascendo on my Blackberry to help me keep track of my finances. It is very easy to use the Add Withdrawal feature to enter each expense. I created an account called "Budget" and then I add each category of spending as a deposit. Withdrawals are the expenses, and I can use the filter feature to keep track of each category. It talks to my laptop and synchronizes very well. My only complaint is that I cannot sum for each category, and the connection with Money is somewhat awkward, but for someone who couldn't balance her checkbook, Ascendo has been a godsend."

Straightforward functions & user friendly

A reviewer from Arlington, Virginia

"Impressed, very solid product. Well thought out by Ascendo.didn't overcomplicate the tool and yet made it robust enough for real world use on my BB. I bought Ascendo Money looking for a way to track multiple accounts, transfers and (categorized) outlay on the fly. It does just that beautifully."

Best Money Application Yet!

A reviewer from Alta Loma, California

"I have had all versions except 3.11 and I can't wait to try it out. From function to CS support I give Ascendo's group A+ for their work. I am eager to use the new desktop application - it looks sweet especially with drag and drop. You can't beat it!"

Ascendo Money

A reviewer from Cotati, California

"When I switched from my Palm to a BlackBerry Pearl, one of my first concerns was how to track my checkbook. Money solved the problem elegantly. I use a Mac with Tiger and connect with the Money software using Bootcamp and Windows XP. Works like a breeze. I highly recommend this software."

Must Have Application

A reviewer from Nashville, Tennessee

"Ascendo Money is one of my top 3 applications I gotta have on my Blackberry. It's a beautiful thing when I have already entered my transaction before even leaving the store following a purchase. Synchronization with the desktop is quick and easy. If you are looking for a money tracking application for your Blackberry (savings, checking or both), I HIGHLY recommend Ascendo Money. You will not be disappointed. By the way, if you encounter a problem, have a recommendation, etc., Ascendo's customer service cannot be beat."

The absolute best money platform I ever used

A reviewer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"This software is absolutely amazing. It is very easy to use. I mean I can keep track of all my expenses. I love it. I'm waiting to see other software from this company."


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