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Ascendo DataVault - BlackBerry Password Manager, Version 4, User Guide

Chapter 6.0 - Customizing DataVault

Ascendo DataVault provides numerous options for customizing fonts, colors, screen layout, navigation and security features. 

To access these options on your BlackBerry, go to List/Tree View and select Options from the screen menu, see Figure 26. To see all the Options available you will need to scroll to the bottom of the Options page, see Figure 27. The choices you make will take effect when you select Save from the Options screen menu. 

Figure 26                                                     Figure 27

To choose options in Ascendo DataVault Desktop, click on Tools in the main menu and select Options from the submenu.

6.1 Selecting Colors and Fonts

Ascendo DataVault allows you change the color of screen elements and several font attributes. 

On your BlackBerry, the Row Color option refers to background color of the active row displayed in List View. Table color refers to the background color used for alternating rows. 

To change the Row/Table Color, scroll to option choice in the right hand column. Click on the track ball/wheel to display the screen menu and choose Select Color to display the color table, see Figure 28. Now scroll through the color squares and click on the track ball/wheel again to select the color.

Figure 28

There are numerous font families to choose from including BBCapitals, BBCasual, BBClarity, BBMillbank, etc. When you start DataVault for the first time, the font family is set to Default. This means that DataVault will display characters using the font family set in the BlackBerry OS. To see the font family set in the BlackBerry OS, click on the Options icon from the home screen and selecting Screen/Keyboard from the list. 

To change the font family in DataVault, scroll to Font Family and click on the track ball or track wheel to display choices. Scroll to the font name and click on the track ball/wheel again to select the font. You can change Font Size and Font Style in the same way.

To change the font family on Ascendo DataVault Desktop, select Options from the Tools menu. The active color is displayed in a box labeled Row Color in the Appearances section. To change the color, click on the Change button to select from a color swatch.

The DataVault Desktop allows you to modify attributes for Font Type, Size, Style, Color and Effects. To choose a font attribute, select Options from the Tools menu and click on the Change button in the Appearances section.

6.2 Screen Layout Options

Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry provides several options for choosing how you want to display information, see Figure 26 & 27.

  • Skin Style: Skins refers to the images appearing at the top and bottom of screens. There are ten skins to choose from.
  • Show Skins: Defaults displaying "Both" top and bottom skin. To maximize screen space available to display information, choose to show only the "Top" or "Bottom" skin, or neither "None".
  • Personalization Lines: Refers to the background colors displayed for alternating rows in List View. Defaults to Show and can be set to Don't Show.
  • Show Columns in Table: Choose the number of columns to display when in List View.
  • Table Header: Show or Don't Show header row appearing above items in List View.
  • Table Filters: Show or Don't Show Category and Type filters in List View.
  • Tree Icons: Display symbols for Tree branches as Open/Closed folders or Plus/Minus ("+/-") signs.

Ascendo DataVault Desktop settings for the screen layout are accessed by selecting Options from the Tools menu.

  • Tree Levels: Display Tree levels as Open/Closed folders or Plus/Minus ("+/-") signs.
  • Show Background Image: Show or Don't Show the faded image of a bank vault appearing behind the items in the left hand panel of the Desktop List/Tree View.

6.3 Navigation Settings

Saving keystrokes can be very valuable on a handheld device so Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry provides several navigation options, see Figure 26 & 27.

  • Splash Screen: Refers to the image of a bank vault that appears for two seconds when starting DataVault. Defaults to Show. Can be set to Don't Show to go straight to List/Tree View.
  • Default View: Display information in List or Tree View when starting DataVault. Select Last if you want DataVault to remember which view you were in when exiting and return to it when you restart the application.
  • Exit Alert: Refers to alert box that appears when clicking on Escape/Back from List/Tree View. Defaults to Show which requires user to confirm wanting to quit application. Can be changed to Don't Show to exit application immediately. 
  • Animation on Exit: Refers to animation of bank vault closing when exiting application. Defaults to Show but can be changed to Don't Show.
  • Search Method: When typing characters in the search field of List/Tree View, reduce list to item names starting with characters typed, "By 1st Characters", or item names containing the string of characters typed, "On String".
  • View Item: Determines if Item details will be displayed immediately when list reduces to one item, "Automatically" or whether user needs to request to display item "Manually".
  • Default Tree Status: Choose whether to display branches of Tree as Expanded or Collapsed when starting DataVault or switching to Tree View. Select Last to remember previous formation and return to it.
  • Item Name Column: Anchor Item Name column in List View so it appears even when scrolling horizontally across fields. Default to Fixed or select Not Fixed.

Ascendo DataVault Desktop Navigation Options are as follows.

  • Default Tree Display: Choose to display information in List or Tree View when starting DataVault. Select Last if you want DataVault to remember if you were in List or Tree View when you exited and return to the previous view when you restart the application.
  • Confirm Deletions: Prompt user before synchronization process eliminates and item from DataVault for BlackBerry or DataVault Desktop.

6.4 Security Settings

Ascendo DataVault provides a Security Timeout option on your BlackBerry and several additional options on your Desktop.

  • Security Timeout (Min): The number of minutes of inactivity on your BlackBerry and/or Desktop before DataVault will require a password to get back into the application. Set to value from 1 to 60 minutes or Disable.
  • Allow for Automatic Backup: Check box to automatically backup items on your Desktop.
  • Auto-Backup Count: The number of automatic backup files that DataVault Desktop will create before deleting the oldest one.
  • Log Deleted Items: Check the box to write a log entry every time an item is deleted from DataVault Desktop.




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