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Table of Contents
Ascendo DataVault - BlackBerry Password Manager, Version 4, User Guide

Chapter 8.0 - Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

The following tips and shortcuts can help to get the most out of Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry.

8.1 General BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

ALT-Click or Shift-Roll : Start BlackBerry Select mode for copying field values to BlackBerry clipboard so that you can paste them into other fields or applications.

Shift-Click: Paste information from BlackBerry clipboard into data entry field.

Capitalize a letter: Hold down the letter key for more that one second. This can be useful for entering item names.

To set the Convenience Key on the side of your BlackBerry to start Ascendo DataVault, Select Options from the BlackBerry home screen > Screen/Keyboard > then scroll down to Convenience Keys and select Ascendo DataVault from the drop down list.

ALT-Escape: Switch between applications. Similar to ALT-TAB in Windows. To switch between available list of multitasking applications, hold down the ALT key then press the Escape key then use the track ball/wheel to scroll between a different application. This can be useful when you want to copy information from DataVault into a different application.

To move the Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry icon to a different location on your BlackBerry home screen, highlight the DataVault icon, click on the BlackBerry key and choose Move Icon.

8.2 Shortcuts for using DataVault on your BlackBerry

To check or uncheck a box, such as the mask password box, click on the space bar.

To toggle between options in the drop down list like Categories/Types, click on the space bar.

To switch to edit mode from view mode on your BlackBerry, click on the "E" key.

To display the next item when in view mode on your BlackBerry, click on "N" key.

To display the previous item when in view mode on your BlackBerry, click on "P" key.

To copy current field value to BlackBerry clipboard when in view mode, click on "C" key.

Type the first letter of a menu choice or drop down list option to jump directly to that item. This also works when in DataVault List View. For example, type "v" repeatedly to cycle through DataVault items such as "Visa", "Voicemail PIN", etc.

8.3 Shortcuts when using DataVault on your Desktop

CTRL-E: Switches from View Mode to Edit Mode from List/Tree View.

CTRL-D: Duplicate an Item.

ALT-V, H: Hide Details panel when in List/Tree View.

CTRL-Shift-E: Expand all branches when in Tree View.

CTRL-Shift-C: Collapse all branches when in Tree View.




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