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Ascendo Announces Availability of  Ascendo DataVault Version 3 Secure Password Manager designed for BlackBerry® handsets

SAN DIEGO, California, January 11th – Ascendo Inc. has announced the availability of Ascendo DataVault Version 3, the leading Secure Password Manager designed for BlackBerry® handsets from Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM).

Ascendo DataVault stores confidential information like passwords, credit cards numbers, PINs and logins using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a technology approved by the US Government for securing data.

Ascendo DataVault is packed with many convenient features including;

  • Tree View: Display entries intuitively by Category and Type.

  • List View: Lookup entries quickly and easily.

  • Synchronization: Accurately mirror entries on your BlackBerry handset and Desktop.

  • Auto-Fill: Save time using DataVault to automatically enter usernames and passwords into internet forms.

  • Auto-Create: Create entries in DataVault directly from internet forms.

"As a communications consultant, my goal is to provide my clients with excellence and innovation. I use several Ascendo products and they give me the professional edge that I require", said Joher Coleman,  Los Angeles , California . "I've checked out the options offered by other companies: my choice is DataVault. It stands out for the sheer number of features and fantastic user interface. It has been a great investment. DataVault transforms my BlackBerry handset into a fountain of well-guarded information for business, life and emergencies. It gives me peace of mind and is an ally in simplifying my daily routine." 

“BlackBerry customers use their handsets as a convenient repository for both personal and business information. DataVault gives users the ability to store passwords and other personal information with a tool that blends security and usability,” said Jeff McDowell , Vice President Global Alliances, Research In Motion.

The Internet ushered in a new era in which the number of usernames, passwords and other pieces of confidential information has skyrocketed. Due to identity theft, many companies are requiring more information to verify your identity. Add to that the explosion of customer loyalty programs and you have literally hundreds of pieces of personal information to track.

Ascendo DataVault provides a secure, fast and simple way to overcome password overload. DataVault runs on your BlackBerry handset so it is with you all the time. Ascendo DataVault also includes desktop software for Windows® PCs that allows you to enter and edit entries on your PC, then synchronize with your BlackBerry handset.

“People use their BlackBerry handset to talk, send messages and access important information, so they usually carry their handset wherever they go, ” said Marc Bolh, CEO of Ascendo Inc. “Ascendo DataVault allows BlackBerry users to store confidential passwords in a secure way, synchronize it with their computer, and quickly access the information wherever they may need it.”

Ascendo DataVault designed for BlackBerry, including the Ascendo DataVault Desktop, is available for $29. Complete descriptions and trial versions of Ascendo Products can be found at: http://www.ascendo-inc.com

PR CONTACT: Natalie Mathews, Tel: 1.858.829.6364, Email: natalie.mathews@ascendo-inc.com  

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.  RIM assumes no liability and makes no representation, warranty or guarantee in relation to third party products or services.



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