Ascendo iJuggle - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Question: Where can I download a Trial/Demonstration Version, Full Version and a User Guide?
Answer: Click here to download a "Zip" file containing a Trial/Demon Version and User Guide for Ascendo iJuggle Version 1.4.1. Trial Versions and User Guides are also available from the distributors listed in the Try & Buy sections of the iJuggle home page

When you purchase the product you will receive a registration code. Select Register from the main menu and enter the code to make it a Full Version.

Question: Is there a way to download and install iJuggle directly onto my BlackBerry using Over-the-Air (OTA)?
Answer: Yes.  Please follow these steps:
  • Start the Browser on your BlackBerry.
  • Click on the Track Wheel or Track Ball to display the screen menu.
  • Select the "Go To..." option.
  • Type in the following URL: 
  • Click on "OK".
  • You should see a prompt asking if you want to download the application and install it.
  • If you see a previous version on the download prompt page, clear the cache using browser Options > Cache Operations and Refresh the page.

You must purchase the product to obtain a registration key, see iJuggle home page.

Question: When I try to install the application using the Blackberry Desktop Manager I get the following message, "No additional applications designed for your device were found."
Answer: This is a common issue with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and does NOT necessarily mean that the application is incompatible with your handset. See below for possible resolutions.
  • Delete any previously installed versions of the software then make sure that you have removed the application from the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Application List, displayed when clicking on the Application Loader icon.
  • Verify that your .alx and .cod files are in the same directory and that you are selecting the .alx file when trying to install an application.
  • Upgrade your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click here for latest downloadable version.
  • Upgrade the device software on your BlackBerry. Click here for latest downloadable version.

An article with more detailed descriptions can be found on, click here for complete article.

If these suggestions to not resolve the issue, please try downloading and installing the application directly to your handset (OTA), as describe above.

Question: When I try to install the application using  Blackberry Desktop Manager I get the following message, "No Applications were found for your device."  

Answer: This is a common problem with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. There are a few possible solutions:

. Download and install the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and try to install the application again.

2. Download and install the application directly to your BlackBerry (OTA), as describe above.

3. If you already have a trial version or previous version installed on your BlackBerry, uninstall the application and delete it from the application list. To do this, start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, click on "Application Loader", un-check the box next to the application, click on the "Next" button and follow the prompts. Now return to the application list, highlight the application and click on the Delete button. Reinstall the application.

4. Check if you are using Version 3.6 of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager ( Help > About Desktop Manager). The workaround for this issue is to install the latest service pack (Service Pack 3a) for Desktop Manager v3.6 instead of Service Pack. This can be downloaded from the BlackBerry site at: 
Choose "BlackBerry Desktop Software v3.6" from the drop-down list box, then click on the "Select" button. Choose the latest service pack at the bottom of the page.
Uninstall your original Desktop Manager first, then install the downloaded service pack. Be sure to reboot your computer after completing the installation. Follow the instructions to download the Desktop Manager service pack to your desktop computer.

5. Some users have reported the following work around...  Exit the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Change the name of the ALX file, for example, change "ApplicationName.ALX" to "ApplicationName1.ALX".  Then restart the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and try to install the application again.

Question: When I try to install the application using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, I get the following message  "There is an XML syntax error on line 1".
Answer: This happens when you select a file with a .cod extension. To install Ascendo iJuggle using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, click on Application Loader, click on Add, select "All Files (*.*)" from the "Files of Type" drop-down list, then select "ijuggle.alx".

Question: I downloaded and installed a trial version but when I started the application it asked me for a registration key.  How can I try it without the registration key?
Answer: Click on the track wheel and select "Register Later" from the screen menu.

Question: My trial period expired before I was able to spend sufficient time testing. Is it possible to have the trial extended?
Answer: To renew the trial period, uninstall the trial version and reinstall it.

Question: How can I retrieve my registration key?
Answer: Please contact the Ascendo Sales Partner that you bought the application from and request a registration key. See below for links that automate the process.

If you purchased the application from our web site, please forward the order confirmation by email, including the date of purchase, to

Question:  In some cases I cannot install a new version without deleting the older one from my device.  How do I uninstall an application from my BlackBerry?

Answer:  Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, select Application Loader, uncheck the box next to the application you want to uninstall, confirm deletion. To uninstall from your device select Settings > Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Delete. This exact menu choices may vary slightly depending on the version of the BlackBerry OS you are using.

Question: Once I've entered information into the application, how can I back it up and restore it if there is a problem?
  • Connect your Blackberry to your PC using the data cable.
  • Start the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  • Select Backup & Restore.
  • Select "Perform Selective Backup..." by pressing the "Advanced..." button.
  • Move the slider bar under "Handheld Databases" down to "RMS Databases" and highlight this entry.
  • Click on Left Arrow to backup all application data to your desktop.
  • If you lose the data on your Blackberry, you can restore it from your Desktop by highlighting RMS Databases under Desktop File Databases and clicking on the Right Arrow.

Question: How can I get alerted when a new version is available?
Answer: One way is to sign up for our Newsletter, see Ascendo Home Page. In addition, some Ascendo sales partners provide real time alerts whenever new versions of a product are available. For example, go to and click on "Add to Watchlist".

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