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Ascendo iJuggle - List Manager, Task Manager, Notes Manager per BlackBerry

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  Keeping up with a busy lifestyle can be a real challenge. Sometimes you have so many things going on that you need a little help to stay organized.

With Ascendo iJuggle you can keep all balls in the air without dropping any. Ascendo iJuggle includes a List Manager for grocery lists and other daily "To Do" items. For important action items, Ascendo iJuggle includes a Task Manager that allows you to assign due dates and priorities. In addition, iJuggle includes a Note Manager to store other information. Get it done with Ascendo iJuggle!

Ascendo iJuggle helps you manage "To Do" list and other daily action items.
Ascendo iJuggle combines several useful tools into one product.
Ascendo iJuggle provides an intuitive interface so you can accomplish what you need to get done quickly and easily.


List Manager

Checklists are an important part of our daily lives and they can be used in many ways, see graphic.

You can create a CheckList by choosing a name and a small image or icon as a visual aid. There are 39 icons to choose from.

CheckLists contain items such as those found in a shopping list or in a list of things that you need to get done.

You can add, edit and delete as many list items as you like.

Each Items has a check box that you can check or uncheck by pressing the space bar. You can define 3 additional fields per item such as "Quantity", "Type", or "Brand".

CheckLists can be sent by email. No more excuses to forget something on the way home from work!

Task Manager

Tasks allow you to manage action items in a more comprehensive way than CheckLists. Tasks are best suited for things that must be done by a certain time or that are part of a team effort.
  • Managing action plans in business unit.
  • Defining deliverables and due dates for a project.
  • Assigning parent responsibilities for a sports team.
You can record several pieces of information with every task including a field that you define yourself. For example, you could define a field called Project Name and use it assign Tasks to a Project.

User defined fields extend the power and flexibility of the application by allowing you to personalize the Task Manager to your context.

Note Manager

Some information is best expressed in an unrestricted format. The Notes Manager is the best place to keep track of information like this.
  • Agenda for a meeting.
  • Notes taken at a Brainstorming session.
  • A description of an idea that you had on the metro.

Ascendo Wallet Suite

Ascendo iJuggle is part of the Ascendo Wallet suite of applications. Click on one of the images below to go to the product description page.

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Technical Support

If you have a issues with Ascendo iJuggle, please read the User Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you don't find an answer, write to including the product name and version, handset model, carrier and an exact description of the issue. 


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