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Ascendo DataVault - BlackBerry Password Manager, Version 4, User Guide

Chapter 1.0 - General Overview

The Frequently Asked Questions page for Ascendo DataVault may contain more recent information and trouble shooting tips: http://www.ascendo-inc.com/DataVaultFAQ.html.

Ascendo DataVault is a Secure Password Manager that allows you to store personal information like usernames, passwords and PINs using the most powerful encryption method available.

DataVault includes an application that installs on your BlackBerry and application that installs on your PC. These two applications can synchronize data but they can also be used independently.

You can store up to 10 pieces of information and additional Notes with each Item. For example, a health insurance item may include information like your Subscriber Number, Group Number, Plan, Primary Physician, etc. You can change the label associated with each piece of information and the field contents.

Items can be organized into Categories and Types. Examples of Categories could be "Personal" and "Professional". Examples of Types are "Credit Cards", "Logins", "Insurance" and "Driver License". Classifying each item provides an intuitive way to display your Items in a Tree View and a quick way to find them. For example, you might have an American Express card that you use for work and a Visa card that you use for personal use. 

DataVault provides a set of Templates including a default field labels and icon. Templates can be used to speed data entry for similar items. For example, you may have several logins that each have a username and password. Selecting a Template allows you to avoid typing the same information over and over again.

You can display Items in List View or Tree View. List View displays each Item in a separate row with two or more columns for the fields of the item. The Tree View displays Items as levels in a tree where the first level is Categories, the second level is Types and the third level is Items. The tree levels can be expanded or collapsed to show more or less information on one screen.

You can Search for Items by typing characters at the top of the List View and Tree View screens. DataVault provides an Extended Search feature that allows you to search on all fields, not just the Item name.

DataVault includes numerous features to manage the security of your information such AES encryption for backup and restore, master password hint, Security Time-Out, Deleted Item Log, screen keyboard and a customizable Password Generator.

Ascendo DataVault Desktop allows you to import data in standard text formats and from third party password managers. You can also import BlackBerry Notes and Contacts directly into DataVault. You can export items into standard text formats or in DataVault Exchange files for sharing with other DataVault users. In addition, you can send and receive encrypted emails with DataVault.

DataVault Desktop provides advanced browser integration with Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can automatically fill in web forms with usernames, passwords and other fields to save time when logging in to a site. In addition, you can save web site names, addresses and fields directly to DataVault Desktop.

Ascendo DataVault protects your data, simplifies managing confidential information and saves you time. DataVault gives you instant access to private information when ever you need it.



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