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User Guide - Ascendo Money - Personal Finance Manager for BlackBerry - Version 3

Chapter 5 - Synchronizing Ascendo Money

Ascendo Money for BlackBerry can be used with Ascendo Money Desktop to combine the advantages of on-the-go data entry with full screen financial planning. The BlackBerry and Desktop components of Ascendo Money contain similar features. You can synchronize data between the two or use them independently of each other.  

To synchronize Ascendo Money between your BlackBerry and Desktop, plug in the USB data cable that you use for synchronizing contacts, start Ascendo Money on your BlackBerry and Desktop, then click on the Synchronize button on the top right of the Ascendo Money Desktop main window.

Ascendo Money supports two-way synchronization. If you update data on your BlackBerry and desktop, then updates on your BlackBerry will be copied to your desktop and vice-versa. 

Section 5.1 - Conflict Resolution

In certain cases, you may modify a transaction on your BlackBerry and your desktop with conflicting values. Ascendo Money supports conflict resolution to resolve these situations.

To select the conflict resolution method you want Ascendo Money to employ, click on the Ascendo Money Desktop Tools menu and select Options from the sub-menu. There are three options for conflict resolution. The default option is Manual. If Manual is selected then Ascendo Money will display conflicting information and prompt you to decide how to resolve the situation. Depending on the information, you may choose to overwrite the information on your BlackBerry, desktop or maintain both versions.

There are two other options for resolving conflicts, BlackBerry Wins or Desktop Wins. If you select BlackBerry Wins, then whenever Ascendo Money detects a conflict, it will automatically overwrite the version on the Desktop with the version on the BlackBerry. If you select Desktop Wins, then whenever Ascendo Money detects a conflict, it will automatically overwrite the version on the BlackBerry with the version on the Desktop. 



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