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Release Notes

Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry & Windows Bundle

Version 4.6
  • Implemented wireless synchronization with DataVault for Windows and DataVault for Mac. Connect over Wi-Fi or adhoc network. 
  • Implemented synchronization using fixed IP address for users with Ethernet connectivity or for users who prefer the added security of a wired connection.
  • Implemented synchronization over email.
  • Added support for version 3.6 of Firefox.
  • Added ability to export/import full database in DataVault Exchange format (DVX) including categories and types to facilitate moving data between different platforms (BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone & Mac).
  • Enhanced web form auto-fill capabilities for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Implemented backup and restore to SD card in DataVault for BlackBerry. 
  • Added entry form for synchronization IP address and port number to allow users to choose alternative port in case default port is used or blocked by another application.
  • Improved support for unicode character sets (ñ ß é ê ö ç å) when synchronizing with DataVault Desktops.
  • Implemented vertical and horizontal resizing of notes field in item details when resizing application window.
  • Improved print feature on DataVault desktop to order entries alphabetically and skip a line between items.
  • Added support for importing mSecure data.
  • Added support for importing KeePass data.
  • Improved support for importing Ilium eWallet data.
  • Improved desktop installer; clarified help test, added prompt to quit browsers before installing, added link to FAQ page, added customized graphics.
  • Set DataVault.dat data file to read only to avert accidental 
  • Fixed IE plug "get_Document" issue. 
  • Fixed "failed to create socket" issue.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes; tree view search, password mismatch alert, XML sync warnings, replaced Firefox add-on icon, corrected Facebook login issue.

Version 4.5
  • Added full support for BlackBerry Storm touch screen including finger swipe to scroll and screen tap to select menu items or to click on buttons.
  • Implemented column re-ordering in BlackBerry list view. Storm users can tap column header to order by ascending or descending.
  • Implemented column resizing on BlackBerry Storm. Hold down finger on column header and slide column borders left or right.
  • Added OTA synchronization from DataVault Desktop to DataVault for iPhone & iPod Touch. Sync to both BlackBerry and iPhone/iPod Touch from single Desktop.
  • Implemented synchronization roll-back for for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Implemented double-click to Edit record in DataVault Desktop Tree View.
  • Added browser support for Firefox version 3.5 to auto-fill web forms, save web forms and generate passwords from DataVault Browser Toolbar.
  • Enhanced Web Items feature in DataVault Browser Toolbar; items are now alphabetized and typing skips to first item in list starting with character. 
  • Increased size of item icons and folders to 24 x 24 pixels on BlackBerry devices running BBOS 4.6 and above and on DataVault Desktop.
  • Added automatic screen refresh after synchronization for BlackBerry devices running BBOS 4.6 and above.
  • Implemented live links on BlackBerry Storm for URLs, telephone numbers and emails addresses. Tap to initiate browser session, call or email.
  • Added user option to set number of login attempts before shutting down in DataVault Desktop.
  • Added alphabetization and Improved print format for DataVault Desktop. 
  • Implemented import from Palm Secret.
  • Enhanced top & bottom row buttons in DataVault Desktop.
  • Improved application launch icon on BlackBerry and DataVault Desktop.
  • Improved DataVault Desktop splash screen.
  • Enhanced various elements of user interface; improved password login in landscape mode on Storm, added branch lines to tree view, improved Desktop background image.
  • Improved several other features; prompt user before overwriting desktop database, prompt user to move items to Unfiled when deleting category or type, added Bonjour service installation option for iPhone Wifi sync; change password on Desktop prompts for old password.

Version 4.4
  • Optimized user interface for BlackBerry Bold 9000.
  • Added support for Firefox Version 3 to DataVault Desktop browser toolbar.
  • Improved Desktop buttons with 3D effect & reflection.
  • Added top row buttons for Mask/Unmask All, and Logout to Desktop.
  • Added icons to bottom row Desktop buttons for Duplicate, Hide Details, etc. Choose between small (20x20 pixel) and big(32x32 pixel) buttons.
  • Improved large Desktop item icons (100), with high-resolution, 3D, glossy icons.
  • Implemented icon selection matrix in Desktop with arrow key navigation and zoom on mouse over.
  • Improved BlackBerry and Desktop small item icons.
  • Implemented color selection for alternating list rows and detail panel background on Desktop.
  • Implemented optional password to unmask fields on Desktop.
  • Implemented security time-out on Desktop in addition to BlackBerry.
  • Added option to wipe all data and reset trial period when uninstalling Desktop.
  • Improved Password Generator options on BlackBerry to include; Letters and/or Numbers, Uppercase and/or Lowercase & Spaces in addition to Length and Punctuation Marks.
  • Added Mask/Unmask to master password selection window on BlackBerry.
  • Implemented "page down" in List View when user clicks on BlackBerry space bar.
  • Added "Check All" box for Desktop "Extended Search" field selector.
  • Simplified editing links in Desktop.
  • Added "Open with IE" & "Open with Firefox" to context menu when right-clicking on link in item detail view.
  • Implemented drop-down list from Desktop Add button to create Categories & Types.
  • Improved Logout so user can minimize DataVault to Windows system tray. When minimized, DataVault skips master password confirmation when logging into web sites.
  • Improved Drag & Drop on Desktop to allow for selection of multiple Items.
  • Added "Change Parent" to context menu for Items in Desktop Tree View.
  • Implemented "Copy Without Spaces" option to field context menu on BlackBerry & Desktop.
  • Implemented Save/Discard/Cancel dialog box to BlackBerry Options form.
  • Added import for passwords stored in Firefox & Internet Explorer.
  • Added import from Spb Wallet & Passwords Plus.
  • Implemented option to mask/unmask master password by default on Desktop.
  • Enhanced word wrap for Notes when Desktop Window is resized.
  • Added ability to move down from search field using arrow key on Desktop.
  • Added "Confirm Deletions" option for synchronization.
  • Fixed folder collapse issue when user drags & drops item to different folder.
  • Improved registration and master password selection dialogue on Desktop.
  • Enhanced DataVault for BlackBerry to include improved screen menus, additional help alerts and better start-up defaults.
  • Improved DataVault Desktop to include better menu organization and additional help alerts.
  • Corrected several bugs; importing Item from BlackBerry email, IE6 browser integration, desktop Change Font, Desktop Options radio buttons, import from Roboform.

Version 4.3
  • Implemented web form auto-fill on BlackBerry in addition to Desktop. Automatically opens BlackBerry Browser and fills form fields like username, password, etc. for items stored in DataVault.
  • Implemented secure send/receive using Blue Tooth. Now you can "beam" items to colleagues & family members in an encrypted, password protected format.
  • Improved Desktop Browser Integration. Added support for additional form types when using auto-fill and auto-login with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Improved "Save Forms" option in DataVault Desktop toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Added auto-fill and auto-login support for multiple items from a single domain. For example, logging into several Gmail accounts from within DataVault.
  • Added icons and slider bars to "Web Items" options in DataVault toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Improved item selection on Desktop to include Current Item, Selected Items and All Items when creating DataVault Exchange files for sharing items.
  • Implemented send/receive items by email in DataVault Exchange format on BlackBerry.
  • Improved user guide significantly and added an online version in addition to PDF version.
  • Added Desktop Logout so user can hide DataVault application window and return to master password prompt.
  • Added "Save Template" option to BlackBerry in addition to Desktop.
  • Implemented "Mask/Unmask All" feature on Desktop.
  • Added Desktop option to Show/Not Show background image in List/Tree View.
  • Improved Password Generator options on Desktop to include; Letters and/or Numbers, Uppercase and/or Lowercase & Spaces in addition to Length and Punctuation Marks.
  • Implemented master password hint on BlackBerry.
  • Added option to move items to un-filed folder when deleting a Category or Type on Desktop.
  • Enhanced Tree View on BlackBerry to display all relevant Categories and Types when searching.
  • Added cut & paste support for notes field on Desktop.
  • Improved notes field scrolling on Desktop.
  • Added option to set master password to mask or unmask by default on Desktop.
  • Added screen keyboard option for master password window to fool key loggers.
  • Improved usability of Windows desktop shortcuts created with DataVault to automatically log in to web sites.
  • Added ability to send item in an unencrypted email in addition to encrypted, password protected email.
  • Enhanced usability of DataVault Desktop; improved window resizing, more menu choices, better prompt explanations, improvements to item details display, drag & drop scrolling, tree navigation, etc.
  • Enhanced usability of DataVault for BlackBerry; better tree navigation, improved menu labels, etc.
  • Improved layout of Desktop Options window.
  • Simplified desktop registration process; same key for BlackBerry and Desktop, Register Later button.
  • Improved data import from CodeWallet, Illium eWallet, SplashID for Mac & Chapura Turbo Passwords.
  • Added data import from Roboform.
  • Improved Application Icon.

Version 4.2
  • Added support for Firefox when using auto-fill for web forms and auto-add to create DataVault items from web forms.
  • Implemented DataVault Toolbars in Firefox & Internet Explorer to auto-fill forms, save to DataVault items and generate passwords.
  • Added ability to create desktop shortcuts that start Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to web sites and automatically login.
  • Implemented Encrypt/Decrypt email on BlackBerry using DataVault. See new menu options when Composing Email with standard BlackBerry email client.
  • Enhanced desktop List View to display all 10 fields and Notes when using Hide Details option.
  • Improved Tree navigation with one-click expand/collapse for Categories & Types, and one-click view details for Items.
  • Added Copy-to-Clipboard on BlackBerry for field values in View Item screen. Can be called from screen menu or invoked using c-key shortcut.
  • Eliminated mandatory category/type selection when adding Item in DataVault Desktop. Stores items in Unfiled folder by default.
  • Added ability to clear search field on BlackBerry with Escape key.
  • Added color selection for desktop, List View, highlighted row.
  • Adding Item while detail panel is hidden switches to Edit mode instead of View mode. Clicking on Cancel removes Item.
  • Enhanced several desktop UI elements including View mode field spacing, details panel background color, bottom row button ordering.
  • Added Logout button on Desktop.
  • Added data import from CodeWallet Pro, Flex Wallet & Handy Safe.
  • Improved importing from Illium eWallet.
  • Fixed several bugs including desktop window resize, desktop add/delete category, desktop restore Cancel, IE7 script errors.
  • Added extended trial sessions when trial period is over.

Version 4.1
  • Improved navigation on BlackBerry so that clicking on an item opens the details screen. The menu is still available by clicking on the BlackBerry key. 
  • Added Option on BlackBerry to hide header in List View. 
  • Added Option on BlackBerry to hide Category & Type filters in List view.
  • Improved Option on BlackBerry to display skins so that user can choose to show Top, Bottom, Both or None.
  • Added Option on BlackBerry to anchor Item name when scrolling horizontally in List view. 
  • Implemented Auto-Display to Tree View on BlackBerry so that when search list of items reduces to 1, the details screen is automatically displayed.
  • Added shortcuts on Desktop; Ctrl-L (switch to List View), Ctrl-T (switch to Tree View), Ctrl-E (Edit), Ctrl-Shift-E (Expand Tree), Ctrl-Shift-C (Collapse Tree), Alt-V H (Hide details panel).
  • Added shortcuts on BlackBerry item details screen, N = next item, P = previous item, E = switch to edit mode.
  • Implemented "Save, Discard, Cancel" dialog box to BlackBerry item Edit screen. 
  • Implemented Logout button to Desktop.
  • Added Option on BlackBerry to choose between folder icons and "+/-" in Tree View. 
  • Implemented Import BlackBerry Memo feature.
  • Fixed several bugs; initiate call from field with telephone number, tree view error message when clicking Escape in search field, etc.

Version 4.0
  • Implemented “Roll & Scroll” feature on BlackBerry. Scroll vertically down list of Items. Scroll horizontally across fields.
  • Added Option on BlackBerry & Desktop to select font type, style and size.
  • Added Option on BlackBerry & Desktop to select screen colors.
  • Implemented Option on BlackBerry to select how many fields to display in List View.
  • Enhanced Tree View by adding “Expand/Collapse All” menu selection, and option to remember "Last" tree formation when exiting application., shortcuts, etc.
  • Added Duplicate Item feature to BlackBerry & Desktop for quicker data entry.
  • Implemented Import/Export to DataVault Exchange (*.dvx) file on Desktop to create encrypted, password protected files for sharing with colleagues, spouses, etc.
  • Implemented display mode on Desktop in addition to edit mode.
  • Added Hide/Show details button to close right hand panel and maximize screen space to display fields in List View.
  • Improved button placement for Save Item, Save Template, Cancel, etc.

Version 3.5
  • Added ability to set or move directory in which the data file is stored.
  • Implemented screen keyboard as an alternative way to enter passwords. This is useful if you suspect that a key logger is active on your computer.
  • Added ability to print items.
  • Implemented user preference to display complete record automatically if your search list is reduced to 1 item.
  • Added ability to initiate a call from a telephone number stored in DataVault for BlackBerry.
  • Added ability to open browser and go to a URL stored in DataVault for BlackBerry.
  • Improved Tree view so that only relevant categories and types are displayed as search list is reduced.
  • Added user preference so that the Tree view on the Desktop defaults to Expanded, Collapsed or Last formation of tree branches.
  • Implemented user preference on BlackBerry to search "By 1st characters" or "On String" of user input.
  • Improved CSV import to include "skip first line" and preset field mappings for Cryptmagic, Minisafe, SplashId and eWallet.
  • Changed cursor focus on desktop so that you can start typing in search field on start-up.
  • Increased maximum length of Notes field to 10,000 characters.
  • Added user preferences to manage synchronization conflict resolution. Choose between Manual, Desktop Wins or BlackBerry Wins.
  • Implemented user preference on desktop to display open/closed folder or "+/-" next to Categories and Types.
  • Changed Tree display order to alphabetical for categories, types and items.
  • Added button to clear search field.
  • Separated "View/Edit Item" into 2 options on BlackBerry for quicker navigation.

Version 3.4
  • Added "Drag & Drop" for Items and Types in DataVault desktop tree view.
  • List view now displays entries in alphabetical order on BlackBerry and desktop.
  • Added open/closed folder icons to DataVault desktop to denote expanded or collapsed tree level.
  • Added option to remove toolbar from view in DataVault desktop to make more space for entries.
  • User Guide is now part of the installation executable and places PDF in right directory automatically so you can open it from the DataVault desktop.
  • Improved usability of Import from CSV file.
  • Improved usability of Auto-Add in DataVault desktop.
  • Fixed bugs with SplashID and Cryptmagic Import feature.

Version 3.3
  • Added icons that can be displayed with Items and Templates, bringing total to 100 icons.
  • Added Export to CSV feature.
  • Increased maximum field length from 60 to 255 characters for storing long field values like URL.
  • Added word wrap ability to Desktop Notes field.
  • Added About screen "More Information" button that starts BlackBerry browser and goes to where helpful information can be viewed in pages optimized for mobile browser.
  • Added field masking to List View.
  • Corrected Help option to Open User Guide in PDF format from DataVault Desktop.
  • Added animation on exit from DataVault.
  • Added setting "Don't Show" animation for those who don't care for eye candy.

Version 3.2
  • Added Auto-create feature to allow users to create an Item in DataVault automatically by right-clicking on a web form and selecting the "Save to DataVault" option in the IE context menu.
  • Added Auto-fill feature to automatically populate fields in a web form. Example, click on Hotmail Item, DataVault opens IE, goes to URL, enters username and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Added field masking button to all fields in DataVault Desktop.
  • Added copy-to-clipboard button next to all Items in DataVault Desktop. Click on button and the contents of the value field are copied to the Windows clipboard and can be pasted to other applications.
  • Added "Deleted Item" log to DataVault Desktop.
  • Eliminated DataVault password request each time the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Synchronization option is chosen.
  • Added Option for default start-up view; Tree, List or Last view before application exit.
  • Added Option for Exit Alert in case user wants to be prompted before quitting clicking on Escape button to quit application.

Version 3.1
  • Enlarged 39 icons used for Items and Templates by ~30%.
  • Changed application exit from Escape from List/Tree View to menu option.
  • Added Change Icon button to Desktop.
  • Improvements to User Guide.
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